DeFi Staking: Launch of MODA (MODA) staking pools

Earn Network is excited to announce the launch of $MODA staking pools on the Ethereum. This significant achievement brings new and innovative staking opportunities elevating the DeFi experience for the community.

DeFi Staking: Launch of MODA (MODA) staking pools

Earn Network proudly announces the integration of the MODA project, a revolutionary Web3 music launch protocol that's transforming the digital music distribution and monetization landscape. We're excited to launch three unique $MODA staking pools on the Ethereum network, enhancing the DeFi experience for our music-loving community.

Pools Details

Our collaboration with MODA brings to you a variety of staking options:

Flexible Pool: For those who prefer adaptability in their staking strategy, our flexible pool offers the perfect solution.

Locked Pools (30 and 60 days): For users looking for a more committed staking experience, we offer two locked pools with durations of 30 and 60 days. These pools are designed to cater to different investment preferences and time horizons.

Step-by-Step Guide to Staking $MODA on Earn Network

To ensure a smooth staking journey with $MODA, we've prepared a detailed guide. This comprehensive manual will assist you in everything from connecting your wallet to choosing the most suitable staking pool for your needs. Whether you're a fan of flexibility or prefer the stability of locked pools, our guide has you covered.

Stay Updated

Keep an eye on the Earn Network for more exciting collaborations and updates. Our partnership with MODA is just one of the many innovative ventures we're exploring. Stay connected to not miss out on any new staking opportunities or developments.

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