Discover the plan for Airdrop Season 2!

This blog post aims to provide essential information regarding the upcoming Airdrop Season 2. It includes crucial dates, rules, the methodology of aggregating Earn Points, and insights on converting them into $EARN tokens.

Discover the plan for Airdrop Season 2!

After the success of Airdrop Season 1, we are excited to introduce the next season, offering an impressive 50,000,000 $EARN tokens! Based on the valuable feedback from our community and a thorough analysis of past achievements, we have developed a comprehensive system that addresses all areas for improvement. By incorporating the best features, enhancing automation and transparency, we are confident that the upcoming season will deliver an exceptional experience and even greater rewards. Now, let's explore the details of what we have prepared.

Introduction to Airdrop Season 2


The new edition retains the original concept of accumulating Earn Points that can be converted into $EARN tokens at the end of the season. However, we have enhanced this process to be even more user-friendly and efficient.

Earn Network's community will be able to engage in a diverse range of missions conducted through platforms known as venues. Each venue may have slightly different participation criteria, usually involving various interactions and occasionally requiring ownership of specific Earn NFTs to ensure participation eligibility for dedicated users. Additionally, missions may be categorized based on a limited or unlimited number of winners who will receive Earn Points based on their respective crediting method. As our platform expands, our primary focus is to reward the community for tasks associated with interacting on our platform.

Airdrop Page

All interactions regarding participation in Airdrop Season 2 will be accessible on its dedicated page, set to launch early next week. Everyone after connecting wallets can explore a variety of missions across venues including details on availability, associated Earn Points rewards and relevant links. Additionally, the airdrop page will provide informative statistics for the season, along with a live preview of accumulated Earn Points and projected $EARN rewards based on the collected balance. This comprehensive setup will provide our community with a single location to engage with the current season.

Crucial details

  • Prize pool: 50,000,000 $EARN
  • Start date: 5 Feb 2024
  • End date: 5 May 2024
  • Earn Points Aggregation: By completing missions on various venues
  • Earn Points Proportions: Declared for each mission
  • $EARN Rewards Allocation: Proportionally to aggregated Earn Points (Wallet Earn Points / Total aggregated Earn Points * Prize pool)
  • Earn Points to $EARN Conversion Method: Via smart-contract

Season Plan

The above graphic presents the important dates along with their corresponding events for the upcoming season. Save them as bookmarks to avoid any surprises!


How will I be able to aggregate Earn Points?

Earn Points are aggregated by completing various missions and their associated tasks across supported venues. All these missions can be explored on the Airdrop Page, along with their links, availability, and the associated rewards in Earn Points for completing them. Earn Network, SoQuest, Zealy, MyCointainer, and TaskOn are the initially supported venues, with more to come in the ongoing season.

When will I be getting my Earn Points credited?

There are three different crediting methods that missions can have:
1. Points credited instantly - completing missions tagged with this method will instantly credit Earn Points to wallets once the required criteria are met.
2. Points credited periodically - completing missions tagged with this method will periodically credit Earn Points to wallets, on a weekly basis. The next periodic crediting will always be visible on one of the components of the Airdrop Page, ensuring everyone knows when to expect an update on aggregated Earn Points.
3. Points credited via Earn NFT - completing each mission tagged with this method will provide you the chance to mint an Earn NFT for free on a given venue, with a specified number of associated Earn Points. Adding these points to your balance will be possible through a special tool connected to each mission of this crediting method, which will be available on the Airdrop Page.

How and when will I be able to convert Earn Points into $EARN tokens?

That will be possible thanks to the conversion smart contract, which will be launched and integrated into the Airdrop page in the subsequent stages of the upcoming season. Recognizing that it may not be advantageous to perform this process through the Ethereum network due to fees, we are committed to wrapping our token to a more cost-effective network on which the mentioned smart contract will be deployed.

How much $EARN rewards can I expect for participation?

It all depends on you. The more Earn Points you have, the more allocated $EARN tokens your wallet will be able to claim. To indicate the value in the best way possible, the anticipated $EARN rewards can be checked in the Earn Points result section on the Airdrop Page. To prevent initial imbalances, initially, that value will be marked as "to be defined" until the threshold of aggregated Earn Points is reached by all users. Keep in mind that the anticipated $EARN reward may gradually decrease as more users participate.

Can I use multiple wallets to participate in the Airdrop?

Yes, that is indeed possible. Considering that Earn NFTs are non-transferable and some activities may not be perfectly organized within a single wallet, our aim is to ensure that the community does not miss out on their well-deserved rewards. Additionally, it is important to note that the season is structured to prevent users from defrauding the system by completing one-time missions multiple times. Any potential misuse will be identified, leading to the loss of aggregated Earn Points for affected wallets.

Will KYC be mandatory to redeem $EARN rewards?

No. Compared to Airdrop Season 1, our goal is to ensure that everyone can benefit equally from the upcoming season, regardless of origin.

Ending note

We genuinely believe that the upcoming season will bring positive experiences to you and even greater rewards! Some minor adjustments may be implemented before the start to ensure smooth operation. Make sure to convert Earn Points collected during the first season by 5 Feb 2024 as this date marks the last chance to do so.

Expect the launch announcement to be made soon! 🚀