Earn Network Partners with Croskull & results in a first staking pool with NFT rewards deployed on the Cronos Chain

We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Croskull, which will pave the way for the launch of our first-ever DeFi Staking pool on Cronos Chain. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide innovative earning opportunities to our community.

Earn Network Partners with Croskull & results in a first staking pool with NFT rewards deployed on the Cronos Chain
The strategic collaboration aims to unlock new earning opportunities and broaden the accessibility of CroSkull staking programs.

About Croskull

CroSkull is an innovative NFT project comprising 6,666 unique NFTs stored on the Cronos Chain. Each CroSkull NFT features a combination of six or more attributes of varying rarity, making them more than just profile pictures. Launched in December 2021, CroSkull aims to create an ecosystem where NFTs hold value beyond their artistic appeal.

The project offers a staking system that rewards holders with the utility and governance token $GRVE. With a dedicated team of professionals in software development, graphics, marketing and community management, CroSkull is passionate about Web3, Crypto, NFT, and Gamification through their expanding collections and future ecosystem plans.

Earn Network $GRVE staking pool

Implementing the DeFi Staking solution for the entire Cronos Ecosystem
This integration benefits individual projects and establishes a collaborative ecosystem where project success fuels the advancement of the Cronos network.

Thanks to the partnership with Croskull, we'll launch the first DeFi Staking pool on the Cronos Chain. Moreover, thanks to our new NFT-as-a-reward system, all stakers who meet the stake requirement amount will get an NFT as a bonus reward additional to the yield in $GRVE. There will be one, 90-day locked staking pool token with a high return of 30.15% APR.

Introducing NFT rewards

The requirements to get one of the 50 NFT rewards are simple: all you need to do is stake the maximum amount of $GRVE, which is 10,000 tokens. The first 50 wallets to do so, will receive an CroSkull Egg NFT as an extra reward.

Stay Updated for More Information

Both the Earn Network and CroSkull teams are committed to enhancing the staking experience for $GRVE and NFT holders. We will continue to provide updates as we work together to empower users within the expanding Earn Network ecosystem on the Cronos Chain.

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