⭐️ EARN & Partners - $2,500 Prize Pool

Welcome to an exciting opportunity brought to you by the Earn Network and its strategic partners! We've designed a campaign that not only rewards you, but also deepens your understanding of our and our partners' ecosystems.

⭐️ EARN & Partners - $2,500 Prize Pool
👉 Official link to get started: Gleam Campaign


Welcome to an exciting opportunity brought to you by the Earn Network and its strategic partners! We've designed a campaign that not only rewards you, but also deepens your understanding of our and our partners' ecosystems. With straightforward rules, numerous winners and a valuable prize pool, this is a contest you don't want to miss.


The competition will run from October 25th - November 8th, giving you a great amount of time to participate. Scroll down to get all the details and perhaps even claim your slice of the $2,500 prize pool!

About the contest

This is a common endeavor between long time partners to bring you a chance to win and get to know more about our partners' ecosystems. In order to participate in the giveaway, you will have to complete a few easy tasks throughout the Gleam Campaign.

Firstly, follow all of our partners on their favourite social media to stay updated with their latest developments.

Secondly, get yourself a free FIO Handle which is a user-friendly identifier, similar to an email or username, that simplifies the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies across various blockchain networks. It eliminates the need to use long, complicated wallet addresses, making crypto transactions more accessible and easier to manage.

Rewards Pool

The total pool prize is $2,500 with a Grand Prize worth $150!

Rewards Distribution

Out of all the contestants who successfully complete the Gleam campaign, we will randomly select 1000 winners that will get:

  1. 1st: $150 (sum $150, in FIO tokens)
  2. 2nd: $100 (sum $100, in FIO tokens)
  3. 3rd: $50 (sum $50, in FIO tokens)
  4. 4th - 10th: $25 (sum $175, in FIO tokens)
  5. 11th - 45th: $15 (sum $525, in FIO tokens)
  6. 46th - 400th: $2 (sum $708, in ONYX tokens)
  7. 401st - 840th: $1.25 (sum $550, in DYP tokens)
  8. 841st - 1000th: $1 (sum $160, in WAN tokens)

Contest Rules

  1. Users must complete all tasks in Gleam to participate in the raffle.
  2. Please note that the FIO Handle must be registered during the duration of the campaign to participate in the contest.
  3. Your FIO Handle must have a linked address to which your rewards will be distributed. You can use MyCointainer.com to assign yourself an address to receive a reward.
  4. We reserve the right to proceed with random verifications of users to avoid the over-use of multiple accounts, scams or similar scenarios.
  5. Any changes to the contest will be updated in this article.


The list of winners will be shared here and across our social media platforms within 7 business days following the contest's end date.

🎁 Winners are announced! The list is available here: https://bit.ly/earn-and-partners-winners-list

About the Partners

We're proud to have a dynamic group of partners, ranging from reward providers to supporting collaborators, enhancing the scope of our campaign. Each bring their unique set of skills and offerings to the table, ensuring that our users get the most out of this unique opportunity.

Reward Providers:

  • FIO Protocol: FIO is revolutionizing the crypto experience by simplifying and making transactions more user-friendly. FIO's handles function like an email for your digital wallet, facilitating effortless transfers. Claim your web3 name with FIO and replace all your public wallet addresses with a single, secure, customizable handle.
  • Wanchain: Wanchain is a Layer 1 PoS blockchain focused on interoperability, connecting various blockchain networks through decentralized bridges. It uses its own Galaxy Consensus algorithm to enable seamless, secure assets and information exchanges across platforms.
  • Onyx Protocol: Onyx is a decentralized lending platform that supports various tokens, including NFTs, as collateral. Governed by its native Onyxcoin (XCN), the platform offers flexible lending terms and encourages community involvement through its open-source framework.
  • Dypius: Dypius is a decentralized ecosystem offering products like yield farming and NFTs. Unique anti-manipulation features and real-time analytics make it a standout in the digital currency space.

Supporting Partners:

  • MyCointainer: MyCointainer is a European staking platform established in 2018, offering a variety of earning methods in the crypto space, including a dedicated exchange. With focus on user experience and security, the platform has become a go-to solution for both novice and experienced crypto investors.
  • Magic Square: Magic Store is a DAO-integrated platform for managing Web3 apps. It features a personalized dashboard for seamless app access and offers various user engagement programs.
  • Crypto Adventure: Crypto Adventure serves as a comprehensive guide for all things crypto, from in-depth reviews to the latest news. Whether you're a crypto newbie or an expert, the platform aims to enrich your experience and offer avenues for community growth.


Good luck! 🍀 Reach out to us if you have any questions or need further clarification, we're just a message away on Telegram or Discord. Wishing you nothing but the best as you dive into this rewarding experience.

Take your shot at winning and broaden your crypto journey with us!