RWA Launchpad. First update!

RWA Launchpad. First update!

The Earn Network is once again at the forefront of innovation in the decentralized finance space as we continue to enhance our v2 solutions for DeFi and NFT Staking - soon to include integration with the Aleph Zero and Solana chains - our development team is hard at work bringing you the next big thing. In addition to our upcoming Prediction Markets, we're excited to introduce our latest venture: the Real World Assets (RWA) Launchpad.

What's New with the RWA Launchpad?

The RWA Launchpad represents a significant leap forward, bringing together DeFi and yield from real world opportunities. The service will enable anyone to easily create and manage their own financial and financially related products. Here's a look at our progress on the RWA product:

  • Legal and Compliance Insights: We've extensively analyzed legal frameworks across various jurisdictions to ensure full compliance and ease of access.
  • Enhanced User Verification Tools: Our exploration of KYC/KYB tools will enhance security and trust, allowing the Earn Network Deal Creators to manage permissioned deals efficiently.
  • Streamlined Business Processes: We've identified and refined the essential processes and business flows needed to successfully launch deals on our marketplace.
  • Diverse Deal Opportunities: From corporate debt to agricultural ventures, and property yields to assorted loan types, we’ve examined a wide array of potential deals.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Discussions with over ten potential partners are underway, setting the stage for a robust launch of the RWA beta phase.

What to Expect in the First Release of the RWA Category?

As we gear up for the first release, here are some exciting features you can look forward to:

  • Attractive Yield Offers: We plan to launch with at least three offers from the RWA sector, each promising very attractive yields.
  • Fractionalized Liquid Tokens: Investors will be able to trade shares of their investments thanks to the fractionalization of liquid tokens.
  • RWA Launchpad: This feature will allow verified members to float their own deals, enhancing the diversity and dynamism of our marketplace.
  • Permissioned Deals: Deal creators will have the ability to create permissioned deals, ensuring tailored access and exclusivity as needed.

Looking Forward

We are confident that these developments will keep us on track to launch the RWA category by Q3 2024. We invite you to stay engaged and informed by visiting our dedicated Real World Assets category page.

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