Earn Network Restaking announced

Earn Network Restaking announced

Introducing a new category

After the successful launch of DeFi Staking & NFT Staking on Earn marketplace, we already have something special for you. Today we're proud to add a new category: Restaking. It will help you maximize the yield earned on your favorite coins.

What is so unique about Earn Network restaking is that users get 99% of rewards (only 1% staking rewards fee will be implied or a minimum fee implied by a given network - see the list later in the article), automated restaking mechanism & extra benefits on top of it that come from EARN ecosystem.

Restaking, in the context of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, refers to the process of taking rewards or tokens you earn from staking and reinvesting them by staking them again. Upon launch, the Earn Network will be supporting restaking across blockchains available in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Special giveaway

Everyone who will make delegation of the value higher than $100 to any of Earn Network validators will get: 🟢 50 EARN Points, ⚗️Wealth Alchemist Discord Role & 5 USD bonus paid in token of your delegation. Top 10 delegators will get exclusive 🎖 Investment Icon role on Discord. The giveaway ends together with the end date of the Airdrop Season 1, which currently is 19th of November 2023.

Prizes will be distributed up to 7 days after the contest end date.

👉 Official link to get started: Gleam Campaign

How to delegate to Earn Network validators and participate in a giveaway

If you own any tokens from the list below and would like to reap a massive yield, then simply delegate your funds to any of our validators. Fill in the form in Gleam and you're done! Upon the end of the contests, you will get the rewards.

  1. Asset Mantle (MNTL), 4% reward fee
  2. BitSong (BTSG), 5% reward fee
  3. Cudos (CUDOS), 5% reward fee
  4. Decentr (DEC), 5% reward fee
  5. eMONEY (NGM)
  6. Evmos (EVMOS), 5% reward fee
  7. Medibloc (MED), 3% reward fee
  8. Oraichain (ORAI ), 3% reward fee
  9. Persistence (XPRT), 5% reward fee
  10. Shentu (CTK)
  11. Sommelier (SOMM)
  12. Teritori (TORI), 5% reward fee

What's coming to Earn Network platform soon

As of today, we're estimating that Earn Network Restaking category will become available on the platform by the end of the October 23'. You will be able to use a super easy and friendly interface to manage your delegations.


We're super excited to provide you with the best options to earn the most rewards across the Cosmos ecosystem. It's only the beginning on our journey to deliver the most comprehensive restaking capacities for you. Stay tuned and follow our latest announcements via Official Telegram Announcement Channel or Discord.