Earn Network and L7 collaborate for enhanced token utility

The partnership aims to explore NFT staking opportunities in conjunction with L7's $LSD token. Earn Network is dedicated to financial innovation, and this collaboration offers an exciting prospect for both platforms.

Earn Network and L7 collaborate for enhanced token utility

About L7

L7 is a decentralized trading platform that improves futures trading through its unique PvP-AMM protocol and liquidity-as-a-service. It addresses issues like high slippage and poor liquidity, offering a stable, cost-effective environment for trading. The platform allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies for trading or liquidity provision.

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About Earn Network

Earn Network operates as a decentralized platform for yield generation, featuring a marketplace filled with various solutions. The platform is designed to be fully non-custodial, allowing users to have full control over their own assets.

L7 x Earn Network working plans

Our latest partnership aims to enhance the utility of LSD tokens, offering our communities innovative financial solutions. While the specifics are under development, the focus is on introducing rewards and benefits for LSD token holders. We are excited to craft incentives that add tangible value to our community members.

Why this Partnership Matters?

  • Community Building: Both platforms aim to expand their communities by providing exclusive rewards and opportunities to their users.
  • BSC Chain Integration: A major aspect of our collaboration is leveraging the Binance Smart Chain for its efficiency and scalability. Our joint efforts aim to optimize user experience with lower fees and faster transactions.
  • Trust & Transparency: Earn Network's audited smart contracts ensure a secure and transparent environment for staking, removing the risks associated with centralized management.

Stay Updated for More Information

This marks an exciting chapter for both Earn Network and L7, as we look to offer our users enhanced utility, engagement, and value in the evolving digital asset landscape.

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