Earn Network partners with Cronos Labs to reshape DeFi landscape

Earn Network and Cronos Labs have partnered to embark on an exciting journey of reshaping the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

Earn Network partners with Cronos Labs to reshape DeFi landscape
Earn Network selected by Cronos Labs to revolutionize the DeFi landscape.

About the Cronos Chain

Cronos (cronos.org) is the first EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by Crypto.com, Crypto.org and more than 500 app developers and partners.

Cronos is building an open ecosystem where developers can create their own DeFi and GameFi applications, targeting a base of 80+ million users globally. In June 2022, Cronos Labs launched a $100M Accelerator Program to help developers build new projects along with the future of Web3 within the Cronos ecosystem.

About Cronos Accelerator

Cronos Labs, a blockchain startup accelerator focusing on decentralized finance, blockchain games and the development of the Cronos ecosystem, announced today the second cohort of the flagship US$100M-backed Cronos Accelerator Program. First launched in June 2022, the program targets early-stage crypto projects and provides them with mentorship and funding opportunities to encourage innovation and growth within the Cronos ecosystem, as well as help propel the widespread adoption of Web3.

Accelerating Growth and Adoption

The Earn Network is a community driven peer to peer staking & lending marketplace - the financial equivalent to the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Our primary objective is to establish a prominent and thriving marketplace for financial products, contributing to the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Initially, the Earn Network focuses on staking as its first category, aiming to assist any project in deploying secure, cost-efficient and user-friendly staking solutions. By leveraging our platform, any project can now deploy their own staking solution within a timeframe of less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, the combined user base of MyCointainer.com and the Earn Network platform, totaling over 145,000 users, ensures a robust pool and exposure for the project itself.

Bartosz Pozniak, CEO of The Earn Network said:

Joining Cronos Labs means faster growth for both the Earn Network and the Cronos blockchain. With plenty of experts, mentors and excellent individuals, we aim to accelerate not only our project, but a wider adoption of DeFi for everyone. It's yet another milestone for us to reach our vision of becoming a 'go-to place platform' for yield earning.

Ken Timsit, Head of Cronos Labs said:

The steep increase in the number of applications for the second cohort of the Cronos Accelerator Program is representative of the growing trust and belief within the wider Web3 ecosystem. Startups and developers are here to build the next iteration of technology, exemplified by the increased appetite we’ve seen in the volume of applications for this second cohort. The program remains focused on fostering innovation within the Cronos ecosystem, the leading Cosmos-built and the Ethereum virtual machine-compatible blockchain, to ultimately propel the widespread adoption of Web3.”


The Earn Network's long-term objective is to create a cross-chain marketplace for yield earning opportunities driven by the community. A truly open financial marketplace designed for both individuals and businesses alike. As you await more updates from the team, please check out some of our latest pools directly on earn.network.

Liquid marketplace for yield earning opportunities.