The $EARN Token just launched on Cronos! All you need to know.

The $EARN Token just launched on Cronos! All you need to know.

Welcome to the Earn Network, the ultimate endgame dApp for all your crypto investments. Founded by an experienced team that has been active in the crypto space since 2018, the Earn Network is led by Bartosz Pozniak, who also founded MyCointainer - the first regulated centralized staking platform in Europe. Under his leadership, the Earn Network strives to revolutionize the marketplace for various types of investments across DeFi, NFT, and very soon, Prediction Markets and RWA.

This announcement sets the stage for our latest development: the launch of the $EARN token on the Cronos chain. This article explores the importance and rationale behind the minting of the $EARN token on the Cronos chain including multiple user benefits within the ecosystem.

🗺️ Exploring the $EARN Token Launch on Cronos

Why Cronos?

The decision to mint $EARN on the Cronos blockchain was driven by the strong relationships we've developed within the Cronos ecosystem. The Earn Network solutions have been well received by the community and we've had several successful collaborations and campaigns with key Cronos projects like Mistery, Push the Button, Crow with Knife, Ryoshi with Knife and many more.

Our deep integration with the Cronos community makes it a natural fit to launch our token there, fostering a closer relationship and increasing synergy across projects.

Advantages of the Cronos chain

There are significant benefits to choosing Cronos, most notably its cost-effectiveness compared to Ethereum. This move is in line with our community's desire for more affordable transaction costs, allowing us to add more value to the token and do it more efficiently. On Cronos, it's easier and cheaper to distribute rewards, stake and engage with the token — opening up opportunities to attract more token holders and lowering the barriers to entry for potential investors interested in $EARN without the high fees associated with Ethereum.

Bridge solution

To facilitate the smooth transition of $EARN tokens between networks, our developers have created a robust bridge solution. This bridge has been thoroughly tested and audited by Beosin to ensures security and reliability, allowing users to seamlessly move their $EARN tokens between the Ethereum network to the Cronos chain.

For those new to $EARN, or those who prefer to purchase directly, tokens can also be purchased on the Cronos native DEX — VVS Finance.

💱 New Liquidity pool on Cronos

As we expand to Cronos, we're also ensuring strong liquidity which is essential for smooth token transactions. This is why we are launching several initiatives to promote deep liquidity and strengthen our trading environment. Below, we outline the specific steps and capabilities we have developed to support the $EARN trading environment and help users to earn outstanding rewards.

Add liquidity on VVS Finance

You can earn trading commissions (and other benefits, more on that later) by participating in the $EARN WCRO liquidity pool:

  1. First connect your wallet to VVS Finance.
  2. Navigate to the "Trade" section, then "Liquidity" and select the V2 version of the platform. Here you can add your $EARN and Wrapped CRO (WCRO) tokens to provide liquidity. This process transforms your holdings into a form that can actively contribute to the liquidity pool, allowing you to trade and earn transaction fees based on your contribution.
  3. Add your LP tokens to Metamask by pasting the contract address 0x1861Df70C8c6654991DEcB96Eb8fad856B810885 into “Import Tokens” tab in your wallet.

Staking your liquidity tokens at the Earn Network

Once you have your LP tokens:

  1. Go to the Earn Network $EARN/$WCRO LP staking pool.
  2. Stake those tokens in the pool and get amazing rewards. Staking these tokens is similar to traditional token staking on our DeFi platform. By staking your LP tokens here, you will gain access to exceptional rewards that far exceed typical liquidity pool returns. This staking opportunity doesn't just offer rewards in one or two tokens; it opens up a veritable sea of opportunities, allowing participants to earn a variety of new tokens, increasing the overall value and appeal of staking on the Earn Network.

🔒 Staking possibilities of the $EARN token

The Earn Network is excited to announce a total reward pool of $20,000, complemented by the daily introduction of meme coins or emerging low-cap projects.

This initiative is designed to improve the staking experience by providing diverse and substantial rewards to our token holders across different blockchain networks. Every day, we will be adding new gems to help you $EARN even more.

$EARN token staking on Ethereum

This existing pool leverages the security and widespread adoption of the Ethereum network. Stakers in this pool will now share 20% of the total reward pool of $20,000.

New! $EARN token staking on Cronos

As we expand into the Cronos network, this new pool offers a cost-effective staking option. Participants here can stake their $EARN tokens at reduced transaction costs, with the pool allocating 20% of the total rewards. This includes a share of the $20,000 reward pool and access to other high-potential tokens, enhancing the value proposition on a lower-cost blockchain.

New! $EARN-$WCRO liquidity staking pool

Our latest innovation pairs $EARN tokens with Wrapped CRO (WCRO) to create liquidity tokens that are staked on our platform. This pool commands the largest share of rewards - 60% of the $20,000 total - plus the introduction of daily emerging tokens and meme coins with significant growth potential. Designed to encourage large liquidity contributions, this pool rewards participants generously, fostering greater ecosystem support and engagement.

🔜 Future plans

As the Earn Network forges deeper connections with the Cronos chain, we are excited to announce plans to continue working with a variety of projects within the Cronos ecosystem. Our partnerships will cover various areas, including tokens, memecoins, NFTs and utility projects, further fostering our community growth and ecosystem support.

In the near future, we are particularly excited to introduce new innovative offerings:

✨NFT collections for prediction markets

We will soon be launching an NFT sale on the Cronos chain with two unique collections. These NFTs will play a critical role in our upcoming Prediction Markets product, allowing holders to earn shares from transaction fees and access to interesting benefits.

🔮Prediction Markets

This new platform will allow users to create and participate in prediction markets where predictions on various outcomes can lead to monetary rewards for those who predict correctly. This interactive model leverages the power of blockchain to foster a dynamic betting environment.

🌐Real World Assets (RWA)

We are also preparing to launch RWA, which will allow users to invest in tangible assets such as real estate through fractional ownership. This product bridges the gap between traditional investment opportunities and the blockchain, making real world assets accessible through Web3 technologies.


As we conclude our exploration of Earn Network's innovative moves on the Cronos chain, we are excited about the future prospects that these developments bring. With the launch of the $EARN token on Cronos, as well as the implementation of strategic liquidity and staking options, the Earn Network is poised to offer enhanced trading efficiencies and diversified rewards.

We invite our users to take advantage of these new tools to maximize their engagement and returns. Explore the solid opportunities in our liquidity pools and staking initiatives and start benefiting from the $EARN token on Cronos today.

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