Meet Profiles & Feeds - Get ready to snap your handle!

Meet Profiles & Feeds - Get ready to snap your handle!

One of the most crucial aspects of any marketplace is the dedicated profile of a user actively participating in the ecosystem. These profiles provide an in-depth overview of their status, reviews, offered products and many more details.

Aligned with our vision to create a "Decentralized financial Amazon with a social spin," we are proud to announce the introduction of Profiles: your own dedicated page with many possibilities.

Please note that the ability to create your profile on is scheduled to be released by the end of February 2024. Make sure to follow our Twitter to be first to secure the handle you want. Such handle in the long run can be immensely valuable since it would act as a unique URL that can be desired by other marketplace participants.

Profiles - A dedicated page to promote your DeFi products

Why should you create your Profile?

Firstly, profiles will be beneficial for anyone who owns more than one product created on the Earn Network platform, like a prediction market, ERC-20 staking pool or NFT staking pool. The profile will wrap all your products and act as a go to place for your community. Users will be able to browse a suitable offer and follow your activities. This can be also treated as a new channel to promote and advertise your project's capabilities.

Profiles will have their own dedicated URL that you can own (e.g., This link can be your main avenue to promote all your products created via the Earn Network, including Prediction Markets, Staking Pools and many more in the future.

Additionally, profiles can be advantageous for individuals with a substantial number of followers on various platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc.). By creating relevant DeFi products in which your audience can participate, you can earn extra fees, promote the projects/tokens you own or hold, or contribute rewards to popular pools.

Earn Network Profiles - Web3 storefronts to promote your DeFi products.


Feeds are a complimentary functionality to profile pages. In essence, anyone will be able to follow any profile and receive updates about the three most important activities:

  1. A new reward added to the pool.
  2. A new product created by a given profile.
  3. A new contribution made by a given profile to any pool (this is a new functionality of V2 staking that will be described in-depth in new articles very soon).

This functionality allows anyone to follow their favorite profiles and never miss an opportunity to participate, whether it's grabbing a new reward, placing a bet in a prediction pool, or engaging in other activities in the future.

The primary objective of feeds is to keep users up-to-date with the current and future stakers, especially as the platform gradually fills with more DeFi and related products.

Let us know your thoughts on our product direction as we move further towards #SocialFi.