One week of $EARN since token launch

After a successful public sale, we are excited to report on the first week of $EARN token's journey. The Earn Network's dedication to innovation and community engagement has been fully realized with this launch, highlighting a significant milestone in our growth.

One week of $EARN since token launch

$EARN Public Sale: A Resounding Success

The public sale of $EARN tokens, which commenced on November 24th and wrapped up on November 30th, was a landmark event for us. With 100% of the allocation sold out on Coinstore, Kommunitas, GameFi, BSCS, SeaPad, Spores, and GameStarter, we raised an impressive $1,000,000! This event not only reflects the community's strong belief in our vision but also sets the stage for expansive growth. The launch of $EARN is poised to be a major driver for the platform, opening doors to new partnerships, integrations and broader exposure, thereby amplifying our impact in the DeFi space.

Key Metrics of $EARN after a week (for 08.12.2023)

The $EARN token, since its launch, has showcased impressive metrics that underline its growing prominence in the DeFi space. Here's a glance at the token's key statistics:

  • Total number of staked $EARN: 48,448,690 $EARN
  • Circulating Market Capitalization (MC): $4,538,000
  • Total Trading Volume: Over $8,500,000
  • First 24-Hour Volume Post-Launch: $4,659,000
  • Number of Holders: 1,079

You're able to monitor $EARN's price and market behavior on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and CoinPaprika. This provides investors with detailed, up-to-date information on $EARN's performance and market trends.

Trading $EARN on Major Exchanges

Post its successful public sale, $EARN is now actively traded on top exchanges like, MEXC, Coinstore with USDT pairs and Uniswap, where it could be swapped with any pair. These platforms enhance $EARN's liquidity and accessibility, offering our community and new investors opportunities to engage with the token. We're not stopping here; more exchange listings are on the horizon, broadening $EARN's reach. Dive into these platforms to experience the growing potential of $EARN and stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Exclusive Staking Pools for Early Backers

To honor the early supporters of $EARN, we've introduced an exclusive staking pool specifically for public sale participants. This pool, with an APR of 125% for a 10-day lock-up period, is available for those who used their wallets during the public sale. The maximum stake per user is set at 15,000,000 $EARN tokens. Our comprehensive guide has also ensured a smooth and straightforward staking process.

This is the last moment to catch an awesome yield since sign-up for our 10-day and 15-day pools will be closed on 08/12/2023, 23:59:00 UTC +1

Broader Staking Opportunities and 'Fee Back' Program

Beyond the exclusive pool, we offer various staking pools for all $EARN holders. There are four more pools available to every $EARN holder with wide variants of locking periods so that everybody will find something for themselves. The most profitable pool is the 15-day pool with an astonishing 75% APR. Notably, the 'Fee Back' program rewards the first 500 stakers who stake more than 40,000 $EARN. This program, available through MyCointainer, offers a 100% fee back in $EARN tokens up to $15.

$EARN on MyCointainer

MyCointainer now features flexible staking for $EARN token holders, offering a stable 2% APY. This integration allows users to easily trade $EARN with various pairs such as EARN/EUR, EARN/BTC and EARN/USDT, enhancing trading options. Additionally, holding $EARN on MyCointainer upgrades user tiers, unlocking extra rewards on a wide range of staking assets, boosting the overall investment potential on the platform. If you want to learn more, please visit MyCointainer's article regarding $EARN integration.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on a successful week since the $EARN token launch, our team is actively working to integrate $EARN into our existing products, enhancing its utility and broadening its use cases. This ongoing effort is part of our commitment to continuously deliver value and innovative solutions to our community. We invite everyone to take advantage of the trading and staking opportunities with $EARN and join us on this exhilarating journey forward.