Summary of April '24

April saw Earn Network revolutionize its platform with significant upgrades, including an updated DeFi Staking platform for single tokens, and the launch of NFT Staking.

Summary of April '24
Earn Network - 12th monthly summary (April 2024)


April was a pivotal month for Earn Network with significant updates to our staking options. We updated our DeFi staking platform, allowing users to stake single assets for multiple rewards, and introduced NFT staking, which mirrors these benefits for NFT holders. In addition, the launch of Creator Lab allows users to create their own staking pools. These enhancements, along with the launch of several new staking pools for popular assets, demonstrate our commitment to providing diverse and rewarding staking opportunities.

Key Numbers 📊

  1. There are currently 1,497 holders of the $EARN token on-chain, reflecting a significant interest and confidence in our ecosystem. 🚀
  2. The platform saw a transactional volume of $9,020,119.79, with 6,380 stakers actively participating, underscoring the high engagement in our platform. 👥
  3. Earn Network's TVL surpassed $$4,243,609 highlighting the platform's rising influence and the community's trust in its staking features. 🏦
  4. Earn Network's DeFi Staking platform currently supports 27 diverse tokens, with over 80 rewards, alongside 9 NFT staking initiatives with 45 rewards. 🌟
  5. Our innovative Restaking solution is live on 38 blockchains, providing a versatile staking environment for users. 💱
  6. During Airdrop Season 2, the Earn Network community collectively collected over 330,000 Earn Points. Impressively, the leading participant alone secured over 8,500 points, translating to more than $1,720, highlighting the significant rewards that active involvement can bring on the platform. 💰

Development Highlights 📈

👨‍💻 Enhanced DeFi Staking Platform Launched:

On the April 16th, we introduced a significant upgrade to our DeFi Staking. This new setup simplifies the staking process by allowing stakers to choose from single staking pools for each asset on specific chains, which now offer multiple rewards. Key benefits include:

      • Multiple rewards available, allowing stakers to earn both tokens and NFTs simultaneously across different blockchains.
      • Flexible lock-up times to suit various staking strategies
      • Simplified staking choices with less complexity.

👨‍💻 NFT Staking Introduction:

Running parallel to DeFi Staking, NFT Staking allows for the staking of ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFTs, unlocking similar multichain rewards. Key benefits include:

      • Multiple rewards available, allowing NFT stakers to earn both tokens and NFTs simultaneously across different blockchains.
      • Flexible lock-up times to suit various NFT staking strategies.
      • Simplified staking choices with less complexity.

📠 Creator Lab Unveiled:

Our Creator Lab empowers anyone to set up staking pools on Earn Network effortlessly, specifying rewards and eligibility requirements. The main features are:

      • Seamless creation of staking mechanism, projects can now launch staking in minutes.
      • Encourages asset utility and growth by enabling creators to offer incentives for token holders.
      • Fosters community involvement by allowing any user to become a reward provider.

💰 Launch of staking pools for a lot of various assets
After the significant update, we started to launch staking pools for your favorite assets and providing exciting rewards to the pools. Some of the most popular staking pools available on Earn Network are:

- Litecoin ($LTC) on BNB Chain
- Dogecoin ($DOGE) on BNB Chain
- Shiba Inu ($SHIB) on BNB Chain
- Mistery ($MERY) on Cronos
- Crow with knife ($CAW) on Cronos
- ryoshi with knife ($RYOSHI) on Cronos
- SonorC ($SONORC) on Cronos
- Brett ($BRETT) on Base
- CoqInu ($COQ) on Avalanche

- MagicCraft Genesis NFT on BNB Chain
- EvoSkull NFT on Cronos
- CroSkull Originals NFT on Cronos
- COQ Billionaire NFT on Avalanche
- KIMBROS NFT on Avalanche

👩🏻‍💻 Profiles has been implemented as a new feature
Another major feature added to Earn Network this month is Profiles - the storefronts that add a social spin to the decentralized platform. Now anyone can create and customize their own profile to later use as a place to share their thoughts, investments, and initiatives among the Earn Network platform.

🪙 Wrapped $EARN coming to Earn Network
In April, our team started working on a bridge solution, so when the wrapped $EARN token becomes available for trading, holders on the Ethereum chain will have the opportunity to bridge, and start using $EARN on a cheaper network.

Community Growth 👥

🎁 Airdrop Season 2 was extended
As we listen to the needs of our community, we have found that extending the second season of our Airdrop would be greatly appreciated. As a result, we've decided to extend Airdrop for an additional two months, along with an additional 20,000,000 $EARN in rewards. This allows you to squeeze even more out of Season 2 and continue to build your wealth with Earn Network.

Earn Network's Ecosystem

Earn Network's Ecosystem

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If there's something we can improve, please let us know.

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