Summary of March '24

March unfolded at Earn Network as a month filled with innovation, engagement, and growth, marking significant milestones in our journey to redefine DeFi and NFT staking.

Summary of March '24
Earn Network - 11th monthly summary (March 2024)


March at the Earn Network was filled with progress, showcasing our dedication to innovation, engagement and the continuous growth of our ecosystem. This month was particularly special as we undertook significant steps to not only enhance user experience but also to support the market for our native token, $EARN, with a token buyback initiative. Join us as we delve into this month's achievements, featuring vibrant community involvement and the introduction of pioneering features, all aimed at redefining the landscape of single-sided staking.

Key Numbers πŸ“Š

  1. The number of on-chain $EARN token holders soared, reaching a new peak of 1,497, further highlighting the escalating interest and trust in our ecosystem. πŸš€
  2. Our platform's transactional volume surged to $3,337,456, with 5,286 stakers actively participating, showcasing the vibrant activity and robust engagement within our network. πŸ‘₯
  3. Earn Network's Total Value Locked (TVL) eclipsed $1,756,000, reflecting our platform's growing prominence and the community's confidence in our staking solutions. 🏦
  4. We now support 14 diverse projects on DeFi Staking, encompassing a total of 33 active staking initiatives, capturing widespread community interest and engagement. 🌟
  5. Our Restaking solution has expanded to encompass 38 different blockchains, affirming our commitment to offering a comprehensive and
    adaptable staking experience. πŸ’±
  6. In Airdrop Season 2, users have collectively earned over 250,000 Earn Points, a testament to the community's dedication and participation. Remarkably, the top participant has earned over 6,800 points alone, which equates to over $1,500, demonstrating the substantial rewards available through active participation in the platform's offerings.

Token Buyback πŸ’°

In Q1, we took a significant step to enhance the value and stability of the $EARN token through a successful buyback:

Key Benefits Realized:

  • πŸ“‰ Reduced Circulating Supply: Less supply often translates to higher value.
  • πŸ’ͺ Reaffirmed Confidence: Showcased our belief in the $EARN token's future.
  • 🌟 Bolstered Market Performance: Supported healthier market conditions for $EARN.

Development Highlights πŸ“ˆ

πŸ—“οΈ Anticipating the Future of DeFi Staking and NFT Staking: With April's arrival, our dedicated team is finalizing the innovative DeFi Staking and NFT Staking platform. Promising unmatched autonomy and flexibility, this platform is designed to revolutionize how users engage with staking, offering a more personalized and rewarding experience.

Additionally, in March, we've refreshed our whitepaper to include the latest on DeFi Staking and NFT Staking, ensuring our community has access to the most current information and insights.

What 5 innovations are coming to the newest version of NFT & Token Staking?
Prepare to witness a revolution in DeFi and NFT staking with the Earn Network. We’re introducing a groundbreaking self-service platform that allows users to take the reins in creating and managing staking pools, complemented by the novel concept of third-party rewards.

🌐 DeFi Staking and NFT Staking testnet launch: The announcement of our DeFi Staking v2 testnet has already attracted over 1000 applicants, highlighting the immense excitement within our community. We invite everyone to participate in this critical testing phase and provide invaluable feedback to refine and enhance the platform's capabilities.

πŸ›  Zetachain integration on Restaking: The integration of Zetachain into our restaking offerings not only broadens our product range, but also introduces significant benefits such as auto-compounding rewards, network security enhancement and the opportunity for higher rewards. This marks a significant step in the growth of our restaking product, aligning with our vision of offering diverse and lucrative staking opportunities.

πŸ’° Launch of $FRTN Staking Pools: We’re thrilled to introduce $FRTN staking pools, now live on the Cronos chain. In collaboration with Ballies & Ebisus Bay, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity to earn unique Cheerleader NFT rewards by participating in the 15-day staking pool. This exciting addition not only enhances the staking experience but also opens up new avenues for rewards.

SoQuest - Get access to 100% APR Ebisus’s Bay $FRTN staking pool with Cheerleader Ballies NFTs rewards on Earn Network
Diving deep into Cronos ecosystem, Earn Network is thrilled to announce the newest campaign as part of the Airdrop Season 2…

πŸͺ™ The staking pools for SHIB, DOGE, GMT, LTC and XCN on the Earn Network have been reactivated, providing new opportunities for you to participate and earn rewards. This move is designed to revive interest and engagement in these popular assets and further enhance the value and experience offered to our users. Get back in the game with these favorites and make the most of the relaunched pools!

Partnerships Update πŸ’‘

🎨 NFT mascot contest with NFPrompt: Our collaboration with NFPrompt concluded this month with the successful mascot generation contest. This initiative resulted in the creation of over 47,000 AI-generated NFT mascots by our community, showcasing immense creativity and engagement. This collaboration highlights the power of community-driven creativity and innovation.

Community Growth πŸ‘₯

🎁 250K Earn Points Distributed & Countdown to Season End: Celebrating our vibrant community's participation, we've distributed over 250K Airdrop Earn Points! With just a month left in this Airdrop season, now's a great chance to get involved. Did you know? Just 250 Earn Points from one campaign are currently worth $56. Check out our ongoing airdrop campaigns for rewarding opportunities before this season wraps up!

πŸ“£ SoQuest Social Campaign Sprint: This month, we launched our SoQuest Social Campaign Sprint for a seamless and rewarding way to engage with our community. Through simple social tasks available in this bi-weekly series, you have a fantastic opportunity to earn more Earn Points in Airdrop Season 2, bolstering your involvement and rewards within the Earn Network ecosystem.

SoQuest - Social Campaign Sprint #1: Collect Earn Points!
Following the success of our Zealy campaign, we’re thrilled to unveil the Social Campaign Sprint, a fresh bi-weekly series ensur…

πŸ—³οΈ Community driven staking - $COQ and $KIMBO pools: Following a community poll, we’ve launched additional staking pools for meme coin favorites $COQ and $KIMBO, collectively amassing over $100K in TVL on the Earn Network. This demonstrates the immense potential and popularity of memecoin staking within our platform.

Earn Network's Ecosystem

Earn Network's Ecosystem

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If there's something we can improve, please let us know.

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