Summary of January '24

nuary at Earn Network was a month filled with innovation, expansion, and deeper community engagement. We were thrilled to launch Airdrop Season 2, bringing a fresh wave of rewards and excitement to our users., simultaneously, we unveiled our Prediction Markets category.

Summary of January '24
Earn Network - 9th monthly summary (January 2024)


January at the Earn Network was a month filled with innovation, expansion and deeper community engagement. We were thrilled to launch Airdrop Season 2, bringing a fresh wave of rewards and excitement to our users. Simultaneously, we unveiled our Prediction Markets category, a new frontier in decentralized finance that offers unique insights into future events. With the addition of three new staking pools and the reactivation of two more, January stood out as a period of significant growth and promise.

These developments not only enhanced our platform but also solidified our position as a leader in the DeFi space, ready to explore new opportunities and offer our community more ways to engage and profit.

Key Numbers 📊

  1. The $EARN token holders number reached 1439. 🟢
  2. Volume generated through our platform nearly doubled and reached $2,392,500 thanks to 4114 stakers. 👥
  3. Up to this month, the Earn Network aggregated over $1,598,000 in Total Value Locked (TVL)!
  4. $EARN staking pools gathered 56 stakers and are currently peaking at 72,500,000 $EARN TVL.
  5. DeFi Staking: Currently, we actively support 16 projects boasting a total of 64 active programs. More pools are about to come! 💰
  6. Restaking: Our Restaking category currently supports 37 blockchains, making it one of the best and most versatile restaking solutions. 💱

Development Highlights 📈

  • 🚀 We launched Airdrop Season 2, which kicked off with an unprecedented enthusiasm among our community, marking a significant milestone for the Earn Network. This season introduced a prize pool of 50,000,000 $EARN tokens, accompanied by a variety of missions across diverse platforms. Each mission completed rewards participants with points, which determine their share of $EARN tokens upon the season's end - the more points you accumulate, the larger your portion of the prize pool. The launch featured a dedicated Airdrop Page, making it easier for users to connect, complete missions and track progress in real-time.
  • 💪 The Prediction Markets category was officially announced, marking a pivotal development in Earn Network's diverse DeFi offerings. This innovative addition empowers users to engage in forecasting a wide range of events, leveraging the $EARN token to participate in or create prediction markets. By introducing features like Market Validators and cross-chain capabilities, the Earn Network aims to enhance accessibility and user engagement across multiple blockchains.
  • 💰 We have launched 3 new staking assets, ensuring that our DeFi staking category continues to grow and offer diverse opportunities. The new assets are: $WQT, $HYME, $COQ - each of them offering a unique opportunity. Additionally, $HYME and $COQ offers include special high APR pools with access available on our SoQuest.

    We've also refilled two staking offers with new rewards and added our special pools with NFT access. These two projects are Gemie ($GEM) and MagicCraft ($MCRT), which thanks to our partnerships helped us to expand these pools.
  • 💱 We launched our first trading competition of $EARN through MyCointainer which helped the token volume get some momentum. Also, it provided another chance to engage with the Earn Network ecosystem and get amazing rewards.

Partnerships Update 💡

🤝 Giveaway with XOX Labs was launched with $1000 in rewards, making it yet another great opportunity to grow your portfolio while engaging with our campaigns. This campaign is still active until February 20th, so you still have a chance to participate and secure your spot as a winner!

Community Growth 👥

🗳️ We've created the first community voting that resulted in the launch of $COQ staking pools on DeFi Staking. As we want to diversify different marketing strategies, we were experimenting with a community pool on our X where we gave you a chance to choose the next DeFi staking asset. Thanks to the engagement of the Coq Inu community, $COQ easily won and become our newest offering.

🎁 We've already launched 6 campaigns on SoQuest to ensure that our newest Airdrop Season stays interesting and focused on growing the Earn Network. Starting with simple social tasks, all the way up to staking oriented campaigns, our SoQuest offers different opportunities so everyone can participate!

👥 We have started working on our Ambassador Program to engage community members who are experienced in marketing related topics to help us show more users the opportunities that the Earn Network offers.

Earn Network's Ecosystem

Earn Network's Ecosystem

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If there's something we can improve, please let us know.

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