Summary of February '24

February at Earn Network heralded an era of increasing participation, especially with the rollout of Airdrop Season 2, which brought a fresh wave of interest and involvement from our community.

Summary of February '24
Earn Network - 10th monthly summary (February 2024)


February at Earn Network heralded an era of increasing participation, especially with the rollout of Airdrop Season 2, which brought a fresh wave of interest and involvement from our community. In the backdrop of this airdrop excitement, we continued to advance with key developments, including the launch of new staking assets and the enhancement of user profiles. Catch the full scope of this month's progress and learn more about how we're moving forward by reading our comprehensive update.

Key Numbers 📊

  1. The count of wallets holding the $EARN token on chain has hit a new high of 1,445. 🟢
  2. The transactional throughput on our platform has nearly increased twofold, amounting to $2,557,135, credited to the contribution of 4,719 stakers. 👥
  3. As of this month, the cumulative Total Value Locked (TVL) within the Earn Network has surpassed $1,685,000!
  4. In the realm of DeFi Staking, we are currently extending our support to 17 projects that encompass a sum of 47 active staking initiatives. 💰
  5. In terms of Restaking, we're currently accommodating 37 different blockchains, establishing our solution as one of the most comprehensive and adaptable in the restaking arena. 💱
  6. $EARN token price has seen a remarkable increase of 50% over the last month, showcasing the growing confidence and demand within our community. 📈

Development Highlights 📈

🤝 Referral program was launched as a part of Airdrop Season 2 to reward community users that are bringing their friends to the Airdrop. Because of this development, every Airdrop participant can get now 10% of Earn Points gathered by the referee, making second season of airdrop even more rewarding.

💪 Profiles was announced as a part of future developments, aiming to enhance user engagement within the Earn Network by providing a dedicated page for users to promote their DeFi products and activities. With the ability to own a unique URL, these profiles serve as a centralized hub for community interaction and product advertisement.

✅ In a significant step towards transparency and trust, the circulating supply of $EARN has been officially verified by leading crypto asset platforms CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and Coinpaprika. This verification serves as a testament to the integrity of our tokenomics and the reliability of our vesting contracts, providing our users and stakeholders with additional confidence in the Earn Network's commitments and operational standards.

📰 We've shared more details on upcoming NFT staking, revealing a pioneering self-service platform within the Earn Network that empowers users to create and fully manage their own staking pools, including ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, across more than 18 blockchains. This innovation, coupled with the ability for third parties to contribute rewards, introduces a new advertising model to Web3 and allows for cross-chain rewards, enhancing the staking ecosystem's dynamism and user engagement.

💰 Two fresh staking assets have been introduced to our platform: EG Token and Farmsent.

  • EG Token ($EG) pools comes with a variety of staking options, including a flexible pool, a 30-day pool, and an exclusive 15-day pool featuring a lucrative 50% APR and a bonus Gator Gang NFT for participants.
  • Farmsent ($FARMS) pools presents a selection of pools with different lock-in periods, such as 30 and 60 days, alongside a flexible pool and a 15-day special pool that boasts an impressive 100% APR.

Partnerships Update 💡

💱 Thanks to its partnership with EGSwap, Earn Network has broadened its horizons by launching $EARN on EGSwap, enabling trading across multiple chains and contributing to the project's revenue through trading fees. Using EGSwap's SmartRouter, $EARN traders enjoy optimized gas fees and the best prices, while also benefiting from MEV Bot protection against front-running.

Community Growth 👥

🗳️ A recent community vote took place on the Earn Network X account to determine the upcoming staking token. The contest was tightly contested between the $KIMBO and $ELON communities, but $KIMBO emerged victorious after a week of voting. The staking pool for $KIMBO is set to launch shortly.

💱 Trading competition on MyCointainer was finished and resulted in intensified trading volume on all $EARN pairs. The most engaged user reached almost $10,000 volume himself, proving that $EARN token is not only for staking but also creates trading opportunities.

🎁 We're continually updating our SoQuest profile with fresh campaigns, bringing thrilling new prospects. Currently, there are 11 active Quests available, thanks to our collaborations with various partners, ensuring a wide range of options for all users. Every campaign is designed to provide distinct advantages and incentives.

Earn Network's Ecosystem

Earn Network's Ecosystem

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If there's something we can improve, please let us know.

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