V2 Mainnet is going live! What to expect

V2 Mainnet is going live! What to expect
Move from v1 to v2 was successful. Version 2 is live. Enjoy!

As we're gearing up toward the release of the totally new V2 Earn Network marketplace, we wanted to give you a heads up of what you should be aware of if you're already using the current v1 for staking or are planning to use it. Please note after the roll-out, we will be releasing more in-depth articles to highlight specific areas of new things, keep you up to date and most importantly, maximise your alpha on the Earn Network platform:

1. Completely new possibilities in staking pools:

  • You're able to earn multiple cross-chain rewards from one single pool.
  • Creating a staking pool is now enabled for everyone. Simply log in with your wallet and go to Creators Lab.
  • Creators can deploy pools now, not only for ERC-20 tokens (v1) , but with v2 we have also enabled NFT Pools (ERC-721, ERC-1155) to be created as well.
  1. Over 20 new assets will have their own staking pool - all deployed by the end of of April 21st.
  2. The $EARN Network Token is now implemented on the platform with new utilities:
    1. Creators are able to pay lower fees for deploying the pool by using $EARN.
    2. Creators are able to pay lower fees for deploying a reward by using $EARN.
    3. Stakers are able to pay a lower unstaking penalty fee by using $EARN.
    4. Holders of $EARN will gain extra access to specific rewards.
  3. Existing v1 pools will still be available until they expire. In parallel, new v2 pools will be created for those assets. We strongly recommend you to unstake from v1 and stake again in v2 pools when those new pools appear.
  4. You will be able to create your own personalised ID/Profile with a dedicated URL. Visit the Settings section and snap a unique identifier to grow your presence on the Earn Network marketplace.
  5. Creators can create their own pool and add rewards for free when they invite a new verified user to join the marketplace.

Please also note, as with a big roll-out, there might be temporary moments where part of the site might not be available or might not work properly.

If an issue will persist longer than a few hours, please directly reach out to our support or write on any of our social media.