Earn Network Partners with TT Farm for Launch of Staking Pools for $FTT

The Earn Network is set to collaborate with TT Farm for a new staking initiative for $FTT asset. This partnership emphasizes the commitment of both parties to offer decentralized and non-custodial opportunities to the community, leveraging ThunderCore technology.

Earn Network Partners with TT Farm for Launch of Staking Pools for $FTT
Earn Network Partners with TT Farm for Launch of Staking Pools for $FTT

First DeFi staking program on ThunderCore

TT Farm's upcoming staking program is the first Earn Network's no-code staking solution on the ThunderCore network. Collaborative efforts of both parties on ThunderCore signify a shared vision of innovation and growth in the DeFi space.

Integration of the ThunderCore blockchain into the Earn Network
This integration benefits individual projects and establishes a collaborative ecosystem where project success fuels the advancement of the ThunderCore.

About TT Farm (FTT)

TT Farm is a DeFi project on the ThunderCore blockchain, offering users a gamified way to buy various farm animals with distinct characteristics like cost and APR. Initially a simple DeFi DApp for purchasing Thunder Tokens (TT), it has evolved into a full-scale DeFi platform with its native Farm Thunder Tokens (FTT).

FTT serves as the fuel for the TT Farm ecosystem and is a deflationary token with a capped supply of 1,000,000. Regular burn/buy programs are in the pipeline, adding engagement for users. TT Farm aims to simplify the complex world of decentralized finance while offering diverse investment options.

TT Farm x Earn Network working plans

Our collaboration aims to create $FTT staking pools on the ThunderCore network that are entirely non-custodial, offering easy experience. Two staking methods will be available for users:

Flexible Staking: Users can stake and unstake their $FTT tokens at their convenience, offering flexibility and liquidity.

Locked Staking: By committing their $FTT tokens for specific durations, users can earn higher rewards. We will provide three lock-in options: 30-day, 60-day and 90-day staking periods.

Stay Updated for More Information

Both the Earn Network and TT Farm teams are committed to enriching the decentralized finance experience for FTT and TT holders. Stay tuned as we aim to amplify user engagement within the expanding Earn Network ecosystem, bolstering TT Farm's growth.

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