Summary of November '23

Each month, we present a summary of our progress to document how the Earn Network ecosystem is growing. November was a very important month because of the $EARN public sale and many exciting partnerships.

Summary of November '23
Earn Network - 7th monthly summary (November 2023)

November 2023 has been a monumental month for the Earn Network, marked by significant achievements and partnerships. Our most notable event was the highly successful public sale of $EARN tokens, which began on November 24th and concluded on November 30th. The sale was a massive success, with 100% allocations sold, raising a staggering $1,000,000. Following this triumph, $EARN is now available for trading on prominent exchanges like Gate, MEXC, Uniswap and Coinstore.

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Development Highlights πŸ“ˆ

  • πŸ’ͺ Our public sale concluded successfully with multiple venues selling out within hours. $EARN tokens were available for purchase on Coinstore, Kommunitas, GameFi, BSCS, SeaPad, Spores and GameStarter, raising $1,000,000. The high demand experienced on some launchpads has now translated into substantial trading volumes on available exchanges.
  • ⚑️ The $EARN staking pools have been launched, showcasing our commitment to offering high-yield opportunities. The main star across those pools was the 10-day pool with 125% APR available only for public sale participants. But don't worry, the rest of the pools are open for all $EARN holders, with a fee-back program for the first 100 stakers. To learn more, please refer to the article regarding $EARN pools.
  • πŸš€ The Restaking category capabilities have expanded with the support of 10 new assets, including cheqd, Rebuschain, IRISnet, Planq, Unification, KYVE Network, Gravity Bridge, Lambda, Crescent and Gitopia, enhancing our investment diversification.
  • πŸ’° We launched $MODA pools, following our partnership with MODA, offering unique staking options to our users.
  • πŸ”— Our collaboration with ZetaChain led to the launch of a validator node on their testnet, marking a significant step in our technological advancement.

Key Numbers πŸ“Š

  1. The $EARN token, quickly after its TGE, has reached over 1000 on-chain holders. 🟒
  2. Our platform's transaction volume hit over $1,415,500, thanks to 2,262 active stakers. πŸ‘₯
  3. We saw remarkable growth in our Total Value Locked (TVL), skyrocketing from $342,000 to an outstanding $891,000 πŸš€
  4. DeFi Staking: Currently, we actively support 23 projects boasting a total of 57 active programs and more pools are about to come. πŸ’°
  5. Restaking: Our Restaking category currently supports 23 projects, with the next updates on the way. πŸ’±

Social media presence saw a notable increase:

  • Twitter: We gained 3,900 new followers, totaling 52,600.πŸ¦βž•
  • Discord: Our community grew by 4,100 active members, now standing at 28,000.πŸ’¬πŸŽ‰
  • Telegram: An influx of 5,730 new members brought our group and channel to a total of 149,730.πŸ“¨πŸŒ

Partnerships Update πŸ’‘

πŸ” Ai Malls - Exploring New Horizons: Earn Network teams up with AiMalls to delve into new earning possibilities. This exploration promises to unlock diverse opportunities for our users.

🎁 Rehide Partnership and Giveaway: Our collaboration with Rehide kicked off with a successful giveaway campaign. We're excited to explore future earning possibilities together.

🀝 L7 Collaboration: Enhancing Token Utility: Our venture with L7 focuses on enhancing token utility, opening doors to innovative crypto experiences.

πŸ’³ Towards Better Crypto Experiences: By joining hands with, we aim to elevate the overall crypto experience for our users.

🎢 MODA Staking Programs: Launching $MODA staking: Our partnership with MODA has successfully led to the launch of $MODA staking programs, expanding our staking portfolio.

πŸ€– HyperGPT: Exploring Cross-Opportunities: We're in discussions with HyperGPT to explore cross-opportunities, aiming to blend AI innovations with blockchain technology.

🌐 ZetaChain: Validator Launch on Testnet: Our initial collaboration with ZetaChain saw us launching a validator node on their testnet, marking a significant step in our joint efforts.

πŸ’° Tribal Finance: We are teaming up to initiate the Zealy campaign, a move designed to boost community engagement and collaborative spirit. Alongside this campaign, we are also exploring additional avenues for future collaboration.

Each of these initiatives represents our commitment to continuously diversify and enrich our platform's offerings, bringing more value and opportunities to our community. Stay tuned as we evolve and expand our partnerships into fruitful endeavors.

Community Growth πŸ‘₯

  1. Due to the $EARN token launch, Bartosz Pozniak CEO & Founder of the Earn Network, participated in many AMA Sessions, including those hosted by Crypto Talkz, NFT Daily, GameFi, Kommunitas, SeaPad, Red Kite, Spores Network and Crypto Panda to pitch the idea behind the Earn Network to more crypto enthusiasts.
  2. We made our way to the top of the DeFi community on Zealy thanks to our community engagement and lucrative tasks and opportunities.

Earn Network's Ecosystem

Earn Network's Ecosystem

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If there's something we can improve, please let us know.

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