DeFi Staking: Launch of Vector Finance (VTX) pools

Experience seamless earning with VTX staking pools on Earn Network. Learn about our collaboration with Vector Finance and get started quickly with our user-friendly step-by-step guide.

DeFi Staking: Launch of Vector Finance (VTX) pools
DeFi Staking: Launch of Vector Finance (VTX) pools

Earn Network is delighted to announce the successful integration of Vector Finance’s $VTX staking pools. This launch, built with a first no-code solution on Avalanche C-Chain, is a significant milestone in the collaboration between Earn Network and Vector Finance, bringing forth new staking opportunities for the community at Avalanche.

A Fruitful Collaboration

This integration signifies the strength of the partnership between Earn Network and Vector Finance. By leveraging the capabilities of the Avalanche network, both entities aim to provide seamless and lucrative staking experiences for their users.

Earn Network Partnership with Vector Finance results in its first DeFi Staking program deployed on Avalanche
The Earn Network is set to collaborate with Vector Finance for a new staking initiative for $VTX asset. This partnership emphasizes the commitment of both parties to offer decentralized and non-custodial opportunities to the community, leveraging robust Avalanche technology.

Pools Details

As a result of this collaboration, we are proud to announce that we have launched three staking pools of VTX, two in locked terms and one flexible. Locked pools provide 30 and 90-day staking periods to choose from, making them an ideal choice for those who are committed to long-term investments. On the other hand, flexible pools offer agility and do not require any staking periods, allowing users to adapt their investment approach as needed. The pool of tokens provided for all three staking pools is 25,000 VTX tokens which are supplied thanks to Vector Finance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Staking $VTX on Earn Network

To ensure a smooth staking process, a detailed step-by-step guide has been provided. This guide will assist users in staking their $VTX tokens efficiently into the flexible and locked programs. From connecting wallets to selecting the desired staking pool, every aspect is covered.

Stay Updated

This launch marks just the beginning of what promises to be a rewarding journey. Users are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates and opportunities as Earn Network and Vector Finance continue to innovate and collaborate.

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